Create Possibilities

Create Possibilities

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Review the many courses related to entrepreneurship, innovation, or venturing. Check the course catalog for upcoming courses by semester and campus.

  • Catalyst Studios – A maker space to learn new skills, collaborate with others, and explore new technology. Learn more


  • FORGE Biomedical Entrepreneur Scholarship Program –Facilitated by FORGE Biomedical Mentors in Residence (MiRs), this program provides entrepreneurial education, mentoring, coaching, exposure to the venturing process, and readiness assessment tools. Learn more


  • McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship
    • iVenture – The iVenture Internship is a fast track to selling your first product online. You'll learn the theory behind launching a successful online store. Then, you'll put it into practice by ideating, sourcing, branding, marketing, and selling your own products through your own store. Learn more
    • Pad – The Production and Design Lab helps students bring their business ideas to market by developing physical and application-based prototypes, web presence, visual content as well as social media and print marketing for student and community-based startups. Learn more
    • Lab –McGuire's Lab is an innovative program to help students develop and launch ventures - and to create a community of entrepreneurs. Learn more
    • New Venture Development Program -Any University of Arizona undergraduate or graduate student can participate in this yearlong, team-based program to learn the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation. In just one year, you’ll build the concept and a plan for a new venture from the ground up. Working closely with students from other fields of study as well as mentors, industry experts, investors, and real-world entrepreneurs, you’ll go from an early-stage idea to a developed, tested, and launch-ready concept. Learn more


  • Craig M. Berge Engineering Design Program - Prepares students to meet the world’s engineering challenges. From first-year competitions and maker fests to Interdisciplinary Capstone senior projects, this four-year program ties design, manufacturing, and commercialization to all levels of the undergraduate curriculum. It immerses students in hands-on design, community projects, business instruction, major-specific design courses, and capstone and entrepreneurship projects. Learn more


  • Heath Sciences Design - The Health Sciences Design program engages undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from all disciplines in the development of solutions to healthcare challenges. The program offers a unique innovation space that includes advanced equipment and expert faculty and staff, giving students an opportunity to develop critical skills and competencies in health sciences design thinking. Learn more