FORGE Venture Advisors™ Portfolio Companies

FORGE Venture Advisors™ Portfolio Companies

Airthio Logo

Airth is a mining technology company dedicated to helping customers have insight into the blind spots of their operations. Airth provides strategic and operational gains for customers using clear and actionable data. With Airth, mining operations can capture the $ in data.

bilet logo


Software that helps retailers to collect and segment customers' habits and preferences, increasing their sales by digital purchase tickets through a mobile app.

Black Oak Logo

Black Oak Investments

A green energy investment company specializing in solar farm development, habitat restoration, and community energy resilience.

Dive logo


Company that provides a roadmap of stitched content that streamlines your learning process using machine learning and AI.

Doughjo Logo


A food manufacturer serving the gluten-free eating community of Tucson by crafting fresh bread and baking mixes.

ELE logo

ELE Optics

A modern approach to optical engineering that enables design, analysis, and innovation through software as a service and community resources for the optics industry.

Gaia Logo

Gaia Provides

A pet centric hemp-based health & wellness manufacturer, also carrying a boutique line of products for the human companion.

Globally good logo

Globally Good

A SaaS platform which connects nonprofits, volunteers, and affinity groups and provides them with real time data and analytics on volunteering that are currently unavailable.

go english logo


A platform that facilitates video chat conversations between English speakers and learners in organizations around the world to increase learner confidence, fluency and organizational productivity.

GRAV Innovations

GRAV Innovations

The next-generation mouse lets you move less and control more. With a focus on redefined precision for a competitive edge and greater immersion, our mouse provides gamers with a deeper level of control for the games they love. 

green logo

Greencold Tech

An innovation hub that replaces fossil fuels dependent technology with renewable energy harvested from solar, motion and wind for cooling and refrigeration in the transportation industry helping cut down on fuel cost and providing a cleaner alternative.

Guided logo


An online platform that eases the college preparation process for underserved and first-generation students, parents and counselors.

Harbor logo

Harbor Lighthouse Studios

An all inclusive music publishing company that promotes a more equitable musicians' middle class by bridging the gap between production and song licensing.

Hydro Gen Logo

Hydro-Gen Systems

Delivers a power plant that disrupts the boating industry for the recreationalist, the environmentalist, and the environment.

Jackson Medical Solutions

Jackson Medical Solutions

Jackson Medical Solutions, Inc. is determined to bridge the gap between technology and accessibility in MedTech by designing the technology patients need so they receive the care they deserve. Decades-old medical devices demand a modernized upgrade and an invitation to outshine consumer products. With a patient-first mentality, Jackson Medical intends to create medical devices that are preventative, accessible, comfortable, and affordable.  

Kid Chemical Logo

Kids Chemical Solutions

A curriculum design team creating engaging, multi-platformed approaches like comic books and animated series for teaching middle school science.

Lorenzo Png

Lorenzo Designs

Provides products and services designed to help people navigate public spaces, such as airports or hospitals, regardless of where they come from or what language they speak.

leafleaf logo

LeafLeaf Inc

A ready-to-drink tea company infused with CBD and organic mushrooms that provides quality products to retailers nationwide.

LocalBoxAz logo

Local Food Box

A monthly subscription food box with a rotating menu that supports multiple local businesses each month, creating additional revenue opportunities and helping support a regenerative economy in Tucson.

LoveEcho Logo


A social enterprise helping parents raise healthy minded humans by providing tools and education.

Metfora logo


Developing a simple blood test with mass spectrometry and A.I. sophistications for early diagnosis of the various chronic diseases.

posture logo

My Posture Life

A mobile app that can track your posture in real-time with no external device, and guide you into great posture habits using only positive-feedback.

New Thirst Logo

New Thirst

A lifestyle space to help women over 35 reduce drinking alcohol with yoga & meditation tools.

Obanj logo


Offering a membership program to borrow jewelry



PackDash is a premium shipping service and tech platform focused on the customer's experience and access to data, in an industry that has historically had terrible service levels. They use a unique technology stack to communicate, collaborate, and move mountains quickly and affordably. Simply put, they store, pick, pack, and ship inventory for orders that come through their clients' systems (from eCommerce websites to wholesale/ retail platforms). But more importantly, they are here to SERVE, as a true partner. 

rentlab logo


Platform that builds the tools cities need to drive efficiency, sustainability, and affordability in rental housing.

Seva logo

SeVA Technology

An AI platform for providing care to seniors through digital interaction.

stackhouse logo


A real estate development company that provides an elevated, eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to the rising cost of urban housing.

Williams Family Medical Supply logo

Williams Family Medical Supply

Created The Simple Support, a simple ready to market medical device that will assist in end of life care by keeping the patients mouth closed once they have passed away.