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FORGE Playshops



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Play is a state of being that encourages us to be open to outcomes resulting from exploration, and sparks enjoyment in our experiences.

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Playshops are interactive sessions that create connections – with others participating in the experience, within each of us and with our own humanity. These sessions are opportunities to gain valuable insights and understanding of ourselves and develop action plans to apply our learnings. Playshops are powerful group experiences that empower all who participate.

  • Playshops are for any campus leader, faculty, or staff member who wants to bring this interactive experience to their student group.
  • Any University of Arizona group is eligible to book a Playshop session for their students.
  • Playshops are 60 minutes in length and include a personalized action plan for each participant. Topics range from core identity, building resiliency, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and more!
  • Each playshop is designed to explore how entrepreneurial thinking supports individuals in defining personal success, and how to navigate life using the same mindset skills that entrepreneurs employ to build successful ventures.
  • Playshops are held in person at UArizona campus locations.
  • Playshops are free of charge for the UArizona community.
  • Playshops are available, by request, during the summer, fall, and spring semesters.

Explore Different Playshops

What is possible when we explore how we feel and think about ourselves? What might the world be like if we introduced ourselves to others, not through the lens of the roles we play but rather who we are at our core? What might we create together if we intentionally navigated our lives using the lens of who we truly are? Come and play with us and leave introducing yourself to the world in a new, empowered way.

How do you define resilience? Let’s explore how you have been resilient and how you can continue to cultivate resiliency in your life. You will discover the power of intention and how important being resilient is to navigating life. Come play with us and leave with great tools to continue creating the life you want.

Creativity and innovation are words that we hear frequently, but what do they mean in our lives? Learn how your intentions support the processes of creativity and innovation. We will explore creativity and innovation, as well as what it means to be flexible and adaptable during this session. Come play with us and discover how you can add value to your life and the world around you. Bonus – you will leave with an action plan in place to start creating impact today!

The importance of being able to think critically and solve problems is strongly valued in both education and employment settings. Discover what it means to think critically and use critical thinking skills to identify opportunities and create value in the world. Take the initiative to actively participate in mapping your future and building self-reliance. In this session, we will practice critical thinking and explore the value of problem-solving, taking initiative, and being self-reliant. Come play with us as we journey into our future and begin building an action plan to make what is possibilities a reality.

Communicating effectively, collaborating with others, initiating, and cultivating powerful partnerships can be essential tools for a human being to navigate life successfully. Discovering how to communicate effectively, what we value in collaborating with others, and how to create spaces where people feel seen and valued is what we play with in this session. Each of these skill sets requires us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and in doing so, create a valuable impact on the world around us. Come play with us to discover what is possible for you and the powerful partnerships you can build.


Playshop FAQs

University of Arizona faculty, staff, and student leaders who feel a Playshop experience would be valuable to their students can request a Playshop.

Each session is designed to be delivered in 60 minutes. The experience is highly interactive and facilitated in person – there is no virtual option at this time.

No, the Playshops are designed to be flexible – you can start anywhere in the series; do just one or a series of them!

All we need is a location and students! The facilitation team has location options available on the main Tucson campus, so let us know if you need a gathering space for your group’s Playshop.

At this time, Playshops are only available on the main Tucson campus.

The minimum number for a Playshop session is 10. At this time, the maximum number for a session is 50.

Submit a Playshop interest form here, and our team will respond within 2 business days.