Thursdays at FORGE

Thursdays at FORGE

Cartoon banner for Thursday meet ups

Collide, interact and collaborate at Tucson's community 'soft workday.' 

Join us for Thursdays at FORGE, Tucson's community 'soft workday' where we can maximize the collision, interaction, and collaboration that we have been missing in our home offices.

The day starts with coffee and conversation in our downstairs event space, then we'll move upstairs to FORGE's Hub, normally closed to the public. Arrive by noon for access to the building!

In a September Atlantic piece contemplating the role of the office in the post-return to work era, Derek Thompson identified two distinct work states: hard work -- heads-down tasks requiring focus and minimized interruptions -- and soft work -- "the vague middle space of weekday activity that isn't hard work but also isn't not-work." He opined that the former can be done at home just as well as if not better than the office, whereas the latter can only be done at the office. We agree with Derek. The space at Roy Place is designed for human interactions, not spreadsheets.


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