At the University of Arizona, Finding Opportunities and Resources to Grow Entrepreneurs (FORGE) is a unit of Research, Innovation, and Impact.  It has three missions, known as the 3 C’s:

• Campus – Inspire and cultivate entrepreneurial thinking (FORGE Student Venture Pathways)

• Community – Advance the entrepreneurial ecosystem (FORGE at Roy Place)

• Capital – Drive scale‐up/launch acceleration (FORGE Venture Advisors™)


The Roy Place Building will serve as the base for both FORGE at Roy Place and FORGE Venture Advisors™, allocating space to education, community, common space, services, and mentors and coaches, all of which draw upon the city and region. It will also provide off‐campus interaction space for FORGE Student Venture Pathways, for example hosting classes typically held on campus, or hosting performances/showings for fine arts. 


In this way, FORGE will carry on the tradition of UArizona’s former Roy Place Building programs, strengthening UA‐community connections, assisting with downtown urban revitalization, serving as a hub for talent, and providing leadership in addressing the region’s environmental, social and economic needs.