SNT develops, manufactures, and sells a series of proprietary and patent-protected scintillating composite nanomaterials for the detection of radioisotopes in biochemical, environmental, energy, and drug discovery applications.  


Colleen Janczak

Co-Founder and Head of Research and Development

Craig Aspinwall

Co-Founder and CSO

David Holub

National Sales Director

HCW Hosted is a community-based pandemic preparedness model that alleviates the strain on healthcare workers by providing the health systems with a digital platform package that connects workers to self-quarantine accommodations, daily physical/emotional symptom monitoring support services, with plans to include efficient COVID-19 testing and telehealth capabilities.


Bradley Dreifuss

CEO & Co-Founder

Heather Dreifuss

Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder

Patti Haring

Chief Operating Officer

Kate Ellingson

Epidemiologist & Co-Founder

A cloud platform for optical engineers to collaborate, perform powerful analysis and design the future of optical technology. 


Logan Graves


Jeremy Shockley


Isaac Trumper



 Airth Solutions provides an integrated platform to consume and provide all related industry-specific data where users can make data-driven decisions. Based in Tucson, Airth is positioned to be a leader in data-driven financial modeling in companies focused on natural resources.