Amy C Kimme Hea

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Student Success, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Amy C. Kimme Hea is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Student Success in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona. She is a graduate faculty member in the Rhetoric, Composition, and Teaching of English Program in the Department of English, and she is the former Director of the University of Arizona Writing Program. Her research interests include writing program administration, spatial rhetoric, hypertext theory, computers and composition, and professional and technical writing theory and practice. Her collection Going Wireless: A Critical Exploration of Wireless and Mobile Technologies for Composition Teachers and Researchers was nominated for the Computers and Composition best book award, and her special issue on Social Media in the peer-reviewed journal, Technical Communication Quarterly, is the most widely read in that venue. She has published in a range of edited collections and peer-reviewed journals in the field and is collaborating on a five-year study of student writers at the University of Arizona with her colleague Dr. Aimee Mapes and an edited collection on longitudinal writing studies with Dr. Jenn Fishman. In addition, she recently held two elected executive positions in her field--CWPA Executive Board Member and Chair of Consortium of Doctoral Programs in Rhetoric and Composition, and she sits on three editorial boards, Computers and CompositionTechnical Communication Quarterly, and Kairos. She is an advisory board member for UA's Center for Undergraduate Education Scholarship and co-owns Pillar 1: Wildcat Journey and formerly co-owned Pillar 5: Institutional Excellence of UA's strategic plan.