Venture Funding and Investing.

June 15, 2022

Newsletter at a Glance!

This week's newsletter is all about venture funding and investing. We have gathered resources which we hope will be helpful in your learning journey.

white paper

Read- Early Stage Funding: Options, Sources, and Consequences 

As our network has grown, we thought it would be helpful to reshare our 2020 white paper for your summer reading list.

At the earliest stages of company formation, aspiring entrepreneurs quote access to capital and access to networks & connections as greatest challenges. The white paper focuses on diverse topics like resources for accessing networks and connections, finding mentors, raising funding through microlending and crowdfunding.

As a primary objective, this white paper seeks to inform both groups and dispel certain myths, with the hope that doing so improves access to capital for the founders and more opportunities for investors. A secondary objective is to inform policymakers who can propose new laws or changes to existing ones that improve access to capital and investment opportunities.



BIPOC Community Managed Loan Fund 

A New Resource for BIPOC Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

The Community Investment Corporation is shifting decision-making to the black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) community about where (geographically), to whom (communities of color underserved by financial institutions and systems), and under what circumstances (measures of risk) capital flows.

This loan fund rose out of a desire of Community Investment Corporation’s (CIC) staff wanting to take concrete and tangible action in the wake of 2020 and ongoing national tragedies and calls for racial equity and justice.

In partnership with BLAX Friday and Startup Tucson.

Applications are Reopening!
JULY 1, 2022







Introducing the Rising AZ Investor Network

The Rising Arizona Investor Network (RAIN) is an initiative of Startup Tucson designed to help individuals learn more about how to invest and support Southern Arizona entrepreneurs and companies using emerging investment tools.

The program is designed to provide education for 1) first-time investors about the types of investment tools available to support local entrepreneurs and 2) existing and potential accredited investors about emerging investment trends and national and international best practices.

Key Highlights:

  • Early Innovation Training
  • Innovation Network Portal
  • Mentors in Residence



What is Investing Anyway ? - Investing 101 

About the Event

The idea of investing can feel overwhelming and unapproachable, especially for those new to the entrepreneur and startup worlds.
In this first workshop of RAIN, Tony Wilkins, Founder of Standing Oak Ventures, will teach attendees about the first steps to investing. The workshop will introduce the kinds of investments (i.e.: equity, note, debt, etc.), and various investment platforms.

When: Wednesday, June 29
Where: Zoom


Thursday at Forge

Thursdays at FORGE 

Collide, interact and collaborate at Tucson's community 'soft workday.' It's not co-working. It's community.

In a September Atlantic piece contemplating the role of the office in the post-return to work era, Derek Thompson identified two distinct work states: hard work -- heads-down tasks requiring focus and minimized interruptions -- and soft work -- "the vague middle space of weekday activity that isn't hard work but also isn't not-work." He opined that the former can be done at home just as well as if not better than the office, whereas the latter can only be done at the office. We agree with Derek. The space at Roy Place is designed for human interactions, not spreadsheets.

This (and every!) Thursday, you are invited to join us for Thursdays at FORGE, Tucson's community 'soft workday' where we can maximize the collision, interaction, and collaboration that we have been missing in our home offices.

When: Every Thursday, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Where: FORGE at Roy Place, 44 N. Stone Avenue.


FORGE Something New This Week!


Finding Opportunities and Resources to Grow Entrepreneurs (FORGE) has three critical missions:

•    Cultivate entrepreneurial thinking (FORGE Student Venture Pathways)
•    Advance the entrepreneurial ecosystem (FORGE at Roy Place)
•    Drive scale-up/launch acceleration (FORGE Ahead)

FORGE runs programs that engage students, entrepreneurs, researchers, mentors, and investors in entrepreneurial thinking and startup acceleration.

Learn more:

We look forward to seeing you at Roy Place soon!