FORGE Residency Program Introduces the Newest Trailblazing Startups

Jan. 8, 2024
FORGE Venture Advisors Welcomes 2023-2024 Resident Startups

In the dynamic landscape of being a successful entrepreneur, the key to sustainable growth lies in both innovating and seamlessly connecting with the market to create a profitable venture. At FORGE (Finding Opportunities and Resources to Grow Entrepreneurs), we understand and support the critical steps that founders must take to navigate this journey successfully. We proudly introduce the newest additions to the FORGE Venture Advisors Residency program.

The Residency at FORGE is a 12-18 month "prove-out" program for startup companies seeking to transition from product-market fit to profit-market fit. These companies have already validated an investable market, if not a profitable business model, and are working toward moving beyond early adopters.

At the Residency at FORGE, they join a competitive accelerator where they will work closely with experienced mentors, investors, and fellow founders. The goal? To create a roadmap that propels them towards national-caliber accelerators, substantial venture capital raises, or strategic acquisitions. By offering collaborative environments, office spaces, meeting rooms, mentors, and programming, FORGE helps accelerate these ventures toward greater success.

Meet the newest Resident Startups -

Brillé Mead Company: (Tucson, AZ) Rooted in ancient Ethiopian practices, the Brillé Mead Company delivers unique, authentic, and high-quality mead to the wine industry, drawing inspiration from a traditional Ethiopian mead known as Tej.

Evolution Surgery Scheduling: (Phoenix, AZ) Empowering surgeons to foster collaborative thinking and drive workplace innovation; Evolution Surgery Scheduling delivers quality scheduling services to help hospitals grow and nurture their patients.

Force for Health® Network: (Tucson, AZ) A mixed media producer and distributor of platforms and health apps with a built-in gamified and interactive virtual health academy designed for individuals and group leaders that care about improving health outcomes for themselves and their communities.

HCS (Human Communications Studio): (Tucson,AZ) With three decades of experience, HCS addresses the education gap by developing metrics and processes that empower confident and effective communicators in education and the workforce.

Inch by Inch: (Tucson, AZ) This vermicomposting regenerative agriculture company focuses on improving all growers' outcomes by providing locally produced, all-natural soil amendments using proprietary breeding and harvesting systems.

LaundryBud: (Tempe, AZ) A unique on-demand laundry marketplace tailored for college students. LaundryBud connects students seeking laundry services with peers providing expert assistance, fostering a community-driven approach to student life.

Notch: (Yuma,AZ) Revolutionizing the headwear world, Notch has a utility patent for notches in the brim of their baseball caps, eliminating interference with sunglasses and providing a comfortable and secure fit.

Yuma Clinical Trials: (Yuma,AZ) Prioritizing patient-centric approaches in clinical research, Yuma Clinical Trials values the importance of improving opportunities for patients impacted by advancements in the field.

These companies join current Resident companies, Arizona Luminaria and House Trevethan, both based in Tucson, AZ.

FORGE Forward Open House

These exceptional companies showcase the incredible diversity within the FORGE Residency Program. We are proud to support them on their journey and look forward to seeing the impact they will make in their respective industries.

At FORGE Venture Advisors, we believe in the power of fostering entrepreneurs by providing the resources and mentorship needed to scale ideas into thriving businesses. Join us in celebrating a new chapter for these remarkable startups as they embark on a journey of growth and success.

On January25th from 9am – 10am, meet the newest startup companies at FORGE at Roy Place for FORGE Forward, a special open house celebrating our Venture Advisors companies. Register Here