In Case You Missed it: AMA with Brian Ellerman and Special guest Matt Van Horn

July 12, 2021

A few weeks ago we had the privilege to be joined by Matt Van Horn, UA Alum and co-founder and CEO of June Oven for our monthly Ask-Me-Anything event.

Matt co-founded June Oven after serving as the VP of business for Path, and prior, as the head of Business Development at Digg. He also co-founded Zimride, a company that became the ultra-successful ride-sharing app known today as Lyft. Before that, he acted as Apple’s higher education marketer for the University of Arizona, where he also earned his Bachelor's degree from the Eller College of Management.

Check out the recording below to hear Matt discuss his entrepreneurial journey, how the idea of Zimride first came to be, and how being persistent and not taking no for an answer has brought him where he is today.