FORGE launches a new student intern program

Nov. 10, 2020

With the support of Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation, Arizona FORGE is pleased to announce a new opportunity for UArizona students to gain practical skills for post-graduation careers.

Whether students go on to start a business of their own or become critical innovators within a larger organization, companies succeed when employees develop innovative ideas and are engaged problem solvers. By cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset in students, we are uniquely preparing graduates to compete in the workforce of the future. We engage students in a highly collaborative internship experience where we actively solicit and incorporate the students’ voice and perspective in how we develop FORGE programming and communicate entrepreneurial thinking to students and the community.

Although the three UArizona students selected to participate in the internship program have notably different backgrounds, their shared passion for innovation makes them integral additions to the FORGE family.

When asked what they are most excited about with regard to the internship, the new FORGE interns diverse responses reflect the variety of perspectives they bring to the program.

 Meet Linnea Andersson!


Linnea is a sophomore majoring in Management Information Systems. She is most excited to deep-dive into the entrepreneurship culture of Tucson while improving and developing professional skills to use in her future career. Linnea is also excited for the opportunity to work with the amazing team at Roy Place.

Linnea is an international student from Sweden, where she was born and raised on an island. Linnea also loves to travel and has been to seventeen countries. Besides the internship, Linnea works as an RA. After graduation, her goal is to become a strategy consultant, but she is still exploring her options. According to Linnea, being entrepreneurial means "developing an original idea from imagination to a finished product/service through resilience and hard work."

Meet Shaw Zeider!


Shaw is a sophomore majoring in Finance and Management Information Systems. He is most excited to work with the founders and further their passions.

After graduation, Shaw plans to work in investment banking. He likes to cook (he claims he makes some mean tacos), read history, and watch football. He also lived in Japan for a few years. To Shaw, being entrepreneurial means “being willing to push boundaries and create unique solutions.” He believes “entrepreneurs have to have an immense amount of drive and dedication for their ideas.”

Meet Giovanna Thull!


Giovanna Thull, a senior majoring in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science is most excited to learn about startups and entrepreneurship in such an immersive space. She is grateful for the opportunity to get involved in the Tucson startup community, as well as get to know so many creative, driven people.

After graduation, Giovanna plans on going to graduate school to study cognitive science with an emphasis in developmental disorders. Her favorite things to do in Tucson include hiking and experiencing delicious food destinations. According to Giovanna, being entrepreneurial means “coming up with novel, creative, and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges our community may face." She thinks successful entrepreneurs are "driven, openminded, and flexible.”

We are so thankful to the Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation for making this opportunity possible. 

TRBFF's guiding principles and strategies are inspired by the life of Thomas R. Brown and the company he created, Burr-Brown Corporation with a corporate purpose "To provide something of value to mankind.” In an effort to maintain the legacy of the Burr-Brown Corporation and create opportunities for future Arizonans, the TRBFF supports education, training, and responsible civics. Focused in four areas – Research and Education, Workforce Development, Civic Leadership, and Economics Education – the TRBFF aims to create opportunities for Arizonans to become more self-determined, more productive, and able to enjoy a higher overall quality of life.

Join us in welcoming our new interns to the FORGE family!