The W21 Advanced Entrepreneur Program cohort exclusively included female-led startup teams. The intention was to support female founders by creating a program that both pushes their businesses forward and makes space for conversations that address the reality of sexism in the startup community.  The selected startups participated in our 8-week seed accelerator, where they validated their idea and developed the business foundation needed to grow a profitable and scalable business.

Learn more about the teams below:


Local Food Box

A monthly subscription food box with a rotating menu that supports multiple local businesses each month, creating additional revenue opportunities and helping support a regenerative economy in Tucson.

Lorenzo Designs

Provides products and services designed to help people navigate public spaces, such as airports or hospitals, regardless of where they come from or what language they speak.

Williams Family Medical Supply Inc

Created The Simple Support, a simple ready to market medical device that will assist in end of life care by keeping the patients mouth closed once they have passed away.

Gaia Provides

A pet centric hemp-based health & wellness manufacturer, also carrying a boutique line of products for the human companion.

New Thirst

A lifestyle space to help women over 35 reduce drinking alcohol with yoga & meditation tools.

Doughjo ‎

A food manufacturer serving the gluten-free eating community of Tucson by crafting fresh bread and baking mixes.

LoveEcho ‎

A social enterprise helping parents raise healthy minded humans by providing tools and education.

Kids Chemical Solutions ‎‎

A curriculum design team creating engaging, multi-platformed approaches like comic books and animated series for teaching middle school science.