The W20 Cohort teams were the first ever teams to take part in our seed accelerator, kicking off in January of 2020. 12 startup teams trusted us with their entrepreneurial journey, and together we spent 6 weeks unpacking their businesses and building lasting connections. The group was also the first couple of founders to set foot at Roy Place before the start of the pandemic.

Learn more about the teams below:


Globally Good

A SaaS platform which connects nonprofits, volunteers, and affinity groups and provides them with real time data and analytics on volunteering that are currently unavailable.

LeafLeaf Inc

A ready-to-drink tea company infused with CBD and organic mushrooms that provides quality products to retailers nationwide.

My Posture Life

A mobile app that can track your posture in real-time with no external device, and guide you into great posture habits using only positive-feedback.

ELE Optics

A modern approach to optical engineering that enables design, analysis, and innovation through software as a service and community resources for the optics industry.

Harbor Lighthouse Studios

An all inclusive music publishing company that promotes a more equitable musicians' middle class by bridging the gap between production and song licensing.

Greencold Tech

An innovation hub that replaces fossil fuels dependent technology with renewable energy harvested from solar, motion and wind for cooling and refrigeration in the transportation industry helping cut down on fuel cost and providing a cleaner alternative.

SeVA Technology

An AI platform for providing care to seniors through digital interaction.

Stackhouse ‎

A real estate development company that provides an elevated, eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to the rising cost of urban housing.

Guided ‎

An online platform that eases the college preparation process for underserved and first-generation students, parents and counselors.

Bilet ‎

Software that helps retailers to collect and segment customers' habits and preferences, increasing their sales by digital purchase tickets through a mobile app.

RentLab ‎

Platform that builds the tools cities need to drive efficiency, sustainability, and affordability in rental housing.

GoEnglishChat ‎

A platform that facilitates video chat conversations between English speakers and learners in organizations around the world to increase learner confidence, fluency and organizational productivity.