Venturing 101

Coming Soon – Spring 2022

Venturing 101 is a set of short courses on topics relevant to launching a venture.  After completing the experience, you will have more knowledge about the venturing process using the Lean Canvas framework.  You can use the mini-course content to gain exposure to venturing and self-assess your readiness to advance in the venturing process.  Courses will be offered online through D2L and you will complete the courses asynchronously at your own pace.  Each course is expected to take 6-10 hours to complete.  You can choose to complete as many courses as you desire.   You will receive a virtual badge for completing a course and a virtual pathway badge for completing the entire set of courses.  In-person and hybrid “live” sessions will be unlocked for participants as courses are completed.  These “live” sessions will offer you the opportunity to explore a topic more deeply with experts and experienced founders. 

Specific learning outcomes include, participants should be able to:

  • Identify personal interests, values, strengths, talents, and skills
  • identify a clear problem to address
  • research customer needs, pain points, likes, dislikes to compose a clear customer profile
  • generate a solution that addresses customer needs
  • identify ways to communicate their solution to customers
  • identify the key operational cost components for their startup
  • research potential funding opportunities for a venture
  • list key success metrics to evaluate success

Course topics include:

  • Finding your purpose: Reflection and self-assessment
  • The building blocks: Overview of Lean Canvas and Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Ideation: Identifying a problem, opportunities, and a solution
  • Validating the value of your idea: Researching and understanding your customer
  • Business modeling and articulating your solution
  • Building your team, getting connected, networking, ecosystem resources
  • Intellectual Property and Business Formation
  • Failure and iteration: Stories of resilience, learning from failure, reflective practice