Valeria Rebaza

Student Venture Pathways Assistant

Valeria is an international student, senior in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law major in University of Arizona and junior in Economics and Finance in UPC, a well-ranked university located in Lima, Peru. In 2019, She attended a presentation given by the Consortium for Economic and Social Research (CIES) in Peru, where they delved into the national agricultural sector and the factors that held back the growth of family farmers focused on the domestic market. From there, the focus of her academic development turned to the problems for social development within the country and the region. Thus, in 2020, she was part of the TFAS (The Fund for American Students) Santiago 2020 program, in which she was able to broaden her vision regarding the need to support small businesses that sustain the communities in which they are located and, therefore, represent an important part of the development of a nation. It is because of this training obtained in recent years that she find in FORGE a space to put into practice the knowledge in entrepreneurship and its importance for an improvement not only in the conditions of entrepreneurs, but also a collective improvement through job creation, innovation in production processes and others. She is hoping to make a positive impact on the FORGE community.