Lady Dorothy Elli


Lady Dorothy Elli is a junior at the University of Arizona studying Pre-Public Health and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. As a first-generation immigrant and college student, she hopes to make an impact in global health and international humanitarian law after she finishes her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Aside from her experience as a research assistant for the College of Public Health, Lady Elli has also been involved in various offices at the University of Arizona. Her professional involvements have allowed her to become a mentor for first-generation students, improve marketing and communication, and learn more about health policy. Among her fellow undergraduate students, Lady Elli is known for her involvement in numerous organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has held various roles in the Asian American community at the University of Arizona as current vice president for the Pan Asian Council, project director for the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association, and former vice president for the Filipino American Student Association. She is a student senator for the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, and she served as a peer mentor for programs like TRIO ASEMS and PATH. One fact about Lady is that she also has entrepreneurial endeavors in food venture and likes to bake and cook during her free time.