Ayden DaCosta


Ayden is originally from California but spent most of his life in the Chicago Land area. He started working for multiple different, industries ranging from retirement homes to golf courses. Despite working part-time jobs, he has built businesses in his free time since the age of 14 due to the fact he has found passion in it. Starting from a young age his first incubation was a non-profit clothing business that raised awareness and money to sheltered animals. A few months later, he started to build some of my own code and HTML websites, which helped promote some ideas. This was the beginning of one of his businesses: Sharelist; He then focused more on new ideas that are considered disruptive innovations such as Bluetooth portable batteries and new types of cryptocurrencies. Despite gathering more ideas, he is following up with a new business titled ScoreLine, which helps convert and transfer any currency or NFT in one click.