Adam Ledford


Adam comes to the student Ambassador role via an atypical route. After spending nearly 15 years in retail management roles for companies including Restoration Hardware, Inc. and REI, Adam found an opportunity to start his entrepreneurial voyage in the most fantastic of vehicles: beer! When Adam and his wife moved to Arizona in 2015, he was able to continue that career as a managing partner at Borderlands Brewing Company here in Tucson. After surpassing sales and growth targets for more than three years as the GM, Adam made the decision to leave the Borderlands brand in capable hands and transition to a silent partner. The reason? To fulfill a lifelong dream of finishing his undergraduate education. Adam has always been fascinated by the differences between our individual and collective tendencies, and he has found revisiting the academic fundamentals to compliment his experiential knowledge to be a humbling and deeply fulfilling journey. His passion for systems-level thinking and organizational optimization lend themselves well to the Business Economics program. His goals for the future include pursuing an MS in Business Analytics through the University of Arizona’s MIS Department, and ultimately working in a role rooted in analysis, presentation, and leadership.